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Writing texts

Writing effective and compelling texts is far from simple. Targeted communication to customers and prospects is however of crucial importance. As with translations, a good text writer translates your message in such a way that your customers take action because of it…

writing textsEvery message is completely unique. Therefore every text should have its own character. But there are a number of general guidelines that hold for all texts. Apply the following rules consistently and you’re guaranteed to produce direct hits…

7 tips for writing texts

  • Get directly to the point
    Everyone likes to know right away where he stands. So get directly to the point. A new website visitor needs only eight seconds to decide whether he stays or leaves. In addition, a reader usually scans a text first. So ensure that you have exciting titles that appeal to the imagination.
  • A clear message
    You know your business down to the smallest details. You can talk about it for hours. That’s great, but conciseness is a chief ingredient of a successful text. Therefore it is important that you tell your story briefly and clearly.
  • Readability comes first
    The readability of your text is vital. Writing effective texts depends to a large degree on using short paragraphs and sentences. Moreover, adequate white space is more restful for the eye. In this way you create more space for effective processing of your message.
  • Know your target audience
    Establish a clear image of your target audience before you start writing texts. Look through their eyes and make contact with their feelings and needs. Bear in mind that you want direct hits, not blanks…
  • Not characteristics, but advantages
    Writing texts comes down to translating characteristics into advantages. When writing your texts, put yourself in your customer’s place. What concrete advantages will he experience thanks to your product or service?
  • Stress your USP
    A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is what distinguishes you from your competition. So communicate clearly what makes your service or product unique. In this way you give your reader an important reason to do business with you.
  • One, two, three, ACTION!
    Writing texts implies that you have a clear goal in mind for your reader. Say exactly what you expect from him. Should he pick up the telephone and ring you? Subscribe to a newsletter? Or buy a product or service? Your whole text should serve this goal…

Having your texts written?

Copywriting is a special craft. It’s the proper translation of the commercial need fulfilled by your product or service. A copywriter translates this need into a balanced message for your future customer.

You can always contact Taalvirtuozen for professional texts. We write all sorts of texts:

  • commercial, business and medical texts
  • business communications and business correspondence
  • annual reports
  • technical documents, user manuals and instruction documents
  • personal documents and correspondence
  • multimedia
  • newsletters, folders, advertisements, promotional and marketing texts
  • speeches
  • press releases & articles
  • web texts (including localisation)
  • literary texts and books
  • scripts

For more information or specific questions, contact our team. Together we will turn it into an effective story…